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TweetCamp, some existing discussions on the topic..

In the spirit of collaboration, and in an effort, to connect with other people who have already talked about, experienced, or created successful TweetCamps, I took a look through the webosphere, and courtesy of Google found the following interesting starting points:

Two blog posts:

Presenting, Chennai TweetCamp!
– Some initial thoughts and ideas from the Bangalore Twitter community
BlogCamp & TweetCamp(ing) in the house. – TweetCamp referring to Twitterers Camping out!

And two status updates:
@migueldeicazaat tweet camp. the new hot thing
@gregoryhellerTweetcamp with @edibleoffice in santacruz

We’ve started the conversation with the indians about co-ordinating something locally in Bangalore at the same time, and @santoshp has offered to help..

There’s also been the idea to “use TweetCamp, as a Twitter campaign, meet ur twitter friends on day 1, recruit new twitter users day 2”

That’s just some of the ideas to get the ball rolling.. since two days of twitter peeps sounds like a great opportunity to meet people in person, but then also have some kind of contest, or something to do, once we’re together.. What do you think?? What would you like to get out of a TweetCamp? Can we use something like TweetCamp to bring entire communities of our friends upto speed, and into the Twitterverse? Or do we want to focus more on deepening our relationships, with people we already know, through twitter, but haven’t met in person?

It’s our event, so let’s decide together what we want to do?? Comment below, on the Wiki, on facebook, on your blog with a trackback.. let’s get the conversation flowing.. What would you like to do with two days, of realtime conversations with your tweeple?


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  1. A TweetCamp in the UK sounds a great idea.

    I’m the co-ordinator of WordCamp UK, and would be interested in getting involved.

    Comment by tonyscott | December 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. @tonyscott, great! I’m sure your help will be most welcome! What’s you’re twitter handle? You can follow @tweetcamp, to stay in the loop with the discussions, as they happen. Thanks!

    Comment by @magitam | December 21, 2008 | Reply

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