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Venue Secured, Date Set, and our first Sponsor!

So, we finally secured our first sponsor, who has gladly given us use of their offices, thank you Gumtree!! Huge thanks to @cyberdees and @jonin60seconds, who have both managed to twist Gumtree managements arm into letting us hold our first ever TweetCamp in their offices 😉 They’ve also now joined the “organising committe”, which at present consists of me

(Farhan), Dee’s’, and Jon.

So, we’ve got Gumtree’s Offices in Richmond as our Venue (Right near the River, in Whittaker House, and only 10 minutes walk from the Richmond Train and Tube Station).

The date is 27th June 2009.  TweetCamp will be running from 10am till 6pm, and then we’ll probably be heading off someplace for drinks afterwards.

Now all we need is some lovely sponsors, to make sure we can feed everyone, and keep everyone well stocked with snacks, and food throughout the day 😉  We’ve already got our first food sponsor on board, MyMuesli, who provide custom muesli cereal combinations delivered to your door, and now, we’re on the prowl for more money.  Or to be more exact, more money to buy you all food 😉  We figure it’s not going to be a proper BarCamp without Lunch put on by us, and so we’re putting the word out for sponsors.  If you know anyone that has a company that would like to get profiled, by associating themselves with TweetCamp, then do get in touch.  Ideally you can tweet us, or you can drop Jon an email at (jon.bishop [at] gumtree [dot] com ) 😉

We decided to keep TweetCamp to a one day event, seeing as it’s the first time we’re running it, but after this, if there’s the interest in running more of them, then there will definitely be more great events like this to look forward to 😉

As well as sponsors for food, if you have prizes, or gifts that you’d like to contribute, we know that the schwag bags will definitely be that much more exciting with some wonderful goodies thrown in from a few more sponsors.  And we’re planning on having competitions and games throughout TweetCamp, so if there’s any donors or sponsors out there that would like to donate a few prizes they’ll all be gratefully accepted for the event too.

Now the only bits we need to make this event a thriving success, is you as participants, and a few volunteers to help make sure everything runs smoothly, upto, during, and after the event 😉  The first batch of tickets has already gone out, with all 50 that were released being taken up with a matter of hours.  Which is pretty impressive, given that we didn’t actually announce them too far in advance.  The next 50 tickets, will all be released next week, only this time we’re going to be spreading them out to 10 tickets per day, at different times of the day. The hope is that it means more people will get a chance to get hold of a ticket, and it gives everyone a fair chance to grab a ticket. (Your best bet is to keep an eye out for announcements on @tweetcamp, since we’ll always announce the tickets before releasing them on

In the meantime, keep an eye out for more news from us via the twittersphere, this blog, or the wiki, where we’ll try to co-ordinate all the participants, and start coming up with some interesting ways of stimulating discussions, on the day 😉

But please remember, that a BarCamp, is a co-creative event.  Everyone that comes is both a participant, as well as a presenter.  And with that in mind, we really want you to think about what you want to take away from the event, and what you want to contribute to the event yourself.  It’s not just about what you take away, it’s also about what you give 😉


June 5, 2009 - Posted by | TweetCamp

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  1. Bravo, magnificent idea

    Comment by LeraJenkins | June 26, 2009 | Reply

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