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Thanks from the TweetCamp Team!

Hi all a big thank you to everyone that attended Tweetcamp and made it such a successful event! It was really energizing to see all the enthusiasm that came in from the day and from all the reports afterwards. It really made all the effort worthwhile and worth doing again. We even trended on Twitter for a good part of Saturday which shows just how much energy came out of the room!

Swap Up

It looked like some really awesome items were being swapped around at the event. Remember that you can join the Swap Up competition with these items at It’s starting to pick up a bit now so will be fun to get as many people involved as possible. Even if you didn’t swap something on the day, you can still find any item in your house and try and swap it for a good cause!

Gumtree Goo

There are some great Gumtree Goo pics that have come through. If you want to add your creations to the Goo Flickr group, go to


If you’ve added any pictures to the web, please tag them #tweetcamp so everyone can find them!

Round up

There are hundreds of pictures on Flickr:

And quite a few blog posts as well:

As well as a few Audioboos:

Have I missed anyone?

Until next time, keep tweeting!



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Tweeting Poems to Glastonbury from Tweetcamp


So BBC peotry have come up with an innovative live Twitter type igloo thing for Glastonbury. The idea is to tweet your short poems to on the day and they will be displayed live at Glastonbury. So in honour of this initiative, we will host a break away session at Tweetcamp on Twitter poems if anyone is interested. We are hoping to get some spoken word artists down to help get those creative juices going so you can post great poems live to Glastonbury!

For more details on how it will all work Glastonbury side, check out the press release below:

GlastoPoem (Glastonbury Interactive Poem)

This year the BBC Poetry Season has delved into the world of poetry with eclectic programming and collaborative events.

Glastonbury 2009 will witness an innovative merging of technology and poetry. With the support of Nitro Digital & the Igloo Vision Projection Dome, Glastonbury will be treated toan interactive Twitter Poem.

GlastoPoem will take an RSS feed from the social networking site Twitter. Twitter users can participate in this communal micro-poem by assigning the hashtag #GlastoPoem to their messages.

These “Tweets” will be projected onto the inner circumference of the Igloo whilst a VJ merges the 3D visuals. Quadraphonic sound will also help enhance the experience.

This (almost) real time installation will be live on Thursday 25th June from 12-5pm & Saturday from 10–5pm.

A number of spoken word artists will be performing spoken word and poetry from the dome. During the live performances the VJ (Visual Jockey) will be integrating the best micro poems within the visuals. In the evening a number of secret DJ sets will take centre stage.

Bluetooth messages will be sent to recipients handsets whilst in the dome. The content will include videos created especially for this year’s Poetry Season.

For the full line-up & information on how to interact with this years GlastoPoem please visit the sites below:

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The Fun stuff happening at Tweetcamp

So Farhan explained in detail what the meat of Tweetcamp will be all about in his previous post. We’ll soon also send out a schedule of times and sessions etc which will help understand the format of the day.

I would like to point out some of the fun stuff that we’ve managed to pull together to keep things interesting on the day.

Big up to Farhan for insisting we have fun food! I was of the opinion that we get a whack of sarnies and Bob’s your uncle but Farhan convinced me we need to be more creative with our food. So we’ve lined up some:

•    Indian
•    Sushi
•    Sarnies
•    Muesli – thanks to Mymuesli
•    Snack platters
•    And of course hot drinks, cold drinks and some smoothies hopefully.

Free Cider
And while we’re talking about Cider, Addlestones have kindly sponsored some ciders and glassware schwag for us to enjoy on beautiful Richmond riverside (fingers crossed for sun!) after Tweetcamp!

Swap up
What could cause a lot of fun and interaction on the day is the Swap Up competition! All will be revealed at the event but all you need to know is that you must bring an item to swap at the event. It’ll link into a Twitter based competition that I have been working hard on to add more fun to the event.

Paypal competition
Paypal will be giving 50 quid to 10 attendees simply for Tweeting one Tweet! Easiest competition ever! I’ll give more details about this at the event as well.

We’ve got some of our world famous Goo for the Schwag bags! Anyone that was at Aperitweat will tell you just how much fun it is. Check out pictures of Goo creations here. You could add your creations as well if you like.

Poetry tweets
We’re teaming up with BBC poetry to create Twitter length poems on the day. There is more exciting detail to this story which I will tell you more about on Friday.

No self respecting event happens without a Schwag bag! We’ll have one for each of you and hope you will like the stuff inside.

Just writing this post makes me really excited about Saturday now!

Jon – @jonin60seconds

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Welcome to TweetCamp

So, after a wonderful Twinterval organised by @amanda and @girlonetrack – the desire to have “more time” to be able to talk with more of the twitter friends, and put more names to faces, meant we all started talking this morning about having possibly a “longer” event.. Out of that idea, the suggestion for a TweetCamp got bounced as an idea, and landed with a few solid responses.. enough to make it worth having the conversation about it.. So starts this blog, set up to help bring the conversations from the wiki (, the twitterverse (, and in person, all into one place! Oh, forgot the Facebook Group too..

so begins the conversation.. in yet another place 🙂

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