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How d’you Like them Apples??

walktheplankSo one of our sponsors, at TweetCamp, is Addlestones, makers of a Premium Cloudy Cider.  It’s available both in bottles and draught, and to ensure that after a wonderful day of stimulating conversations the alcohol drinkers among us get to relax, and unwind, they’ve kindly supplied us with plenty of bottles, to make sure that we enjoy the beautiful summer weather that we’ve been blessed with lately, and the combination of the awesome location of TweetCamp, in Richmond, right along the river Thames!

Make sure that when the day ends, and you’re heading out the door that you grab your bottle of Addlestones.  (If you ask nicely, we may even let you have more than one 😉 and of course, if you’re going to be driving, your welcome to take your bottles, and enjoy them responsibly once you get home!  The folks over at Addlestones have just started using twitter, so if you enjoy their beverage, you may want to help them along with finding their feet on twitter @addlestones and give them pointers and suggestions on how they might use it 😉

And finally, some details about Addlestones, in their own words:

Addlestones Cider
Brewed with locally-sourced bittersweet cider apples from Somerset, Addlestones is cloudy because it’s meant to be – its not filtered, which leaves live yeast and apple extracts in the liquid.  Then it’s fermented twice to craft a cider with a unique effervescence and full-bodied taste.  Addlestones is 5% ABV and available both on draught and in bottle in top pubs, including over 60 Youngs outlets.  Elsewhere, Waitrose or your local off-licence is the best place to track it down.


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