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Coming to TweetCamp By Public Transport

If you’re coming to TweetCamp by public transport, be warned that the Tube service to Richmond, along the District Line, isn’t working from West Kensington, to Richmond.

That said, there are a number of excellent train connections, from Clapham Junction to Richmond, and also from Waterloo. If you are coming by Tube, I would suggest, if possible get the Northern Line, to Waterloo, and then get a fast train to Richmond, or take the District Line to Victoria, or Wimbledon, and then from either of those two stations, get a train to Clapham Junction, and then from there get the fast train to Richmond, or from Wimbledon, there’s also a train that goes directly to Richmond.

Seeing as I live in Wimbledon, if you go after the train to Clapham Junction, then use Platform 5, at Wimbledon, and then head across to Platform 5 at Clapham Junction. If from Wimbledon you choose to take the direct train to Richmond, make sure you have a travelcard or ticket extension that’s valid for zones 3,4,5 and 6 (as the train passes through all of them), and get that train from platform 8 at Wimbledon.

Travel time from Wimbledon is about 45 minutes either way. From Clapham Junction, the fast train will take you about 20 minutes.

Once you arrive at Richmond Train Station, as you come out of the station, you’ll see a huge red sign for McDonalds, pointing you to the left, so follow that sign. Walk along the main road, past McDonalds, until you get to the very end of the road. At one point the road forks, and there’s a Pret A Manger, on the left. Make sure you stay on the right fork, until you get to the end of the road.

At the very end, you want to stay to your left, cross over (you should see a Wagamama’s in front of you – get onto that side of the road), then walk along the road, as it goes uphill, past the All Bar One, and turn right, into a small road, with a Matches, on the opposite corner, and a black Signpost on the corner. Whittaker House, is the big white building on the right, with the Athenian Pillars in front of it, and you go to the door, right at the end of the road, and find your way into Gumtree ūüėČ We look forward to welcoming you to TweetCamp, once you arrive!! See you all shortly!


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